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Artist of The Week. Mattiel

Mattiel Artist of The Week RCM

Very occasionally we receive an email about an artist that demands an immediate listen. That was the case with Mattiel. What’s not to love about this next sentence?! “Her debut album’s sound scape combines the influences of Quentin Tarantino soundtracks, The White Stripes, and Nancy Sinatra singles with tinges of vintage tremolo guitar and Hammond organ overlaid with Mattiel‘s powerful, bluesy belting.”

Most importantly the music doesn’t disappoint. This is an album you’ll be telling your friends about. From the effortless cool retro stylings of lead single ‘Send It Over’ to the 60s girl group stylings of Baby Brother, this is an album that transports you and provides the ultimate escapism. Normally music soundtracks film, in this case, we need a film to soundtrack the music. Over to you Quentin Tarantino…

Mattiel is a designer, lyricist and vocalist from Atlanta. She was raised in rural Georgia and currently resides in the A-town. Discover more on Spotify.