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Artist of The Week. Luke Tuchscherer

Luke Tuchscherer

Upon hearing the music of Luke Tuchscherer, you might imagine a banjo-strapped gentleman in an American blues bar. When you realise he is a young Englishman from Bedford, he becomes even more intriguing. As one third of British rock band, The Whybirds, Tuchscherer’s first solo project is a platform to express an entirely different side to his sound.

His alternative-country album ‘You Get So Alone at Times That it Just Makes Sense,’ takes influence from the likes of Robert Plant and Ryan Adams. Acting as a personal memoir for Tuchscherer, each song was penned after a real experience. Created alongside producer Tom Peters, the record also has a darker note to it. Songs such as ‘One of Us,’ recounts stories of childhood misbehaviour, set alongside light acoustics; exploring and critiquing society. Tuchscherer wanted to create something that would affect people, in the same way Ryan Adams’ debut, affected him. Adams is a clear influence on ‘You Get So Alone…’ with tracks likes ‘Darling, it’s Just Too Hard to Love,’ reminiscent of Adams’ track ‘Amy.’ One of the albums best, ‘Two Ships (Caroline Please)’ has a catchy musical beat and lyrics that become imbedded in your imagination. It is the instrumentals of this song, and the album as a whole, that really carries it into new dimensions. The light, soulful blues that creep in, not only add a modern twist to classic country, but also make it totally memorable.

Alternative country music is undergoing a new era, where Britain is rivalling America for the best music in the World. Full of traditional instrumentals, mixed together with contemporary lyrical themes and a raw, restrained finish, Luke Tuchscherer successfully pulls off an impressive and moreish début.

Jen Grimble