Liverpudlian singer-songwriter Holly Lapsley Fletcher, at the age of 17, has already established herself as the face of contemporary British music. Låpsley’s genres-hoping sound infuses psychedelic ambient, contemporary rap, and light acoustic tones with subtle electro elements, to create music that is as modern as it is interesting.

Låpsley’s new record ‘Monday EP’ offers five deeply melodic tracks with celestial vocals laid against Earthly electronics. The EP is focused on creating atmosphere, with layers of contrasting styles resulting in a captivating wall of sound. Many of Låpsley’s tracks feature harmonies between female and seemingly male vocalists. However Låpsley works alone. By reducing the pitch of her own voice, a deeper, masculine vocal is created, perfectly complimenting her natural feminine high notes. ‘Alaskan Dreams’ highlights this effect, as a light trip hop beat is nestled under the two vocal harmonies, creating darkness and light.

The result is a cross between Portishead and Sigur Rós. Låpsley’s music is beyond modern, touching on techniques that very few have explored before her. ‘Painter (Valentine)’ is the EP’s true masterpiece. The song opens with beautiful angelic vocals that are cushioned against light xylophone tinkles, reminiscent of a child’s music box, that when opened, has a miniature ballerina dancing beneath its carved lid. With so many points of interest it is difficult to know what to focus on. As one sound develops, your attention becomes transfixed, before Låpsley introduces a different style that steals your attention completely. This is a continual theme throughout the EP, giving contrast and symmetry to keep you on your toes at all times. ‘Painter (Valentine)’ will feature on our Lost on Radio podcast this week.

Låpsley is not just a writer; a singer; a musician. She is a producer who creates music that is mature beyond her years. ‘Monday EP’ not only impresses, but inspires awe. If you only listen to one new artist this year, Låpsley should be at the top of your list.

Jen Grimble