ARAE – Shotgun


Twenty-two and originally from Arras, in Northern France, trap-pop artist ARAE utilises her music to demolish societal taboos.

Her tracks focus on important issues such as mental health, the climate crisis and gender inequality, mirroring the anxieties of her generation through bold and powerful lyricism. ARAE’s work is driven by the idea that kindness and social awareness could change the world. Intrigued by superheroes, her goal is to become a “pop music vigilante” and encourage society to grow through her art.

In addition to superheroes, ARAE takes inspiration for her music from unapologetic artists such as Christine and the Queens, Banks, and Billie Eilish. ARAE writes her lyrics in both French and English, and like Billie Eilish, refuses to adhere to conventional music styles and genres.

ARAE’s latest track Shotgun is striking and defiant. It effortlessly merges femininity with masculinity, and declares war on depression. ARAE’s vocals are incredible; soft and dreamy in places, yet punchy in others. Speaking on the track, ARAE has said: “I establish my internal battle with mental health and my wish to get rid of this “other me”. I present myself as “a pop music vigilante”, a mix between Billie Eilish and Greta Thunberg, dipped in the Marvel Universe.”

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Words Rachel Makinson