The Silent Death Knell: A Missive From The Inside.

Back in 2013 Alex Keevill, lead singer from The Microdance wrote a guest post for Right Chord Music about the financial challenges facing independent artists. The article hit a nerve and was widely shared and reposted across a number of blogs including Music Think Tank. As a blog that champions independent musicians we are delighted

First Signs of Love No 150. False Advertising

Back in February 2012, we started a new feature called First Signs of Love #FSOL. This week we hit somewhat of a milestone, it’s our 150 First Signs of Love featured artist. FSOL is about those moments when a track grabs us, shakes us, and truly commands our attention. It’s for those few minutes when you

The Microdance – Making Plans For The End

RCM favourites The Microdance return with new single ‘Making Plans For The End.’ The single is lifted from forthcoming album ‘New Waves of Hope’ which is set for release on November 6th. Like a beckoning finger this track draws you in, with its woozy, widescreen rock soundscapes. Both the single and album feature the considerable

Flyying Colours – Flyying Colours EP

From Melbourne Australia, Flyying Colours’ sound is straight out of the 90’s…in a good way. Their debut self-title EP opens with a wondrous guitar riff that would have been right at home on Siamese Dream, and continues with it’s 90’s grunge/shoegaze influenced sound from there. First single Wavy Gravy, and the opening track Like You

First Signs Of Love No. 74 The Microdance – Yo Yo @26!

The Microdance are based in London, are looked after by In at the Eye records, and frequent the underground alternative gig circuit in East London. ‘Yo Yo @ 26!’ is the fuzzy guitar-fronted, melody-driven single from The Microdance. Alex Keevill’s vocals steer the track through a multitude of chugging riffs, celestial harmonies and exciting builds