Pay As You Go Management

Working alongside The Daydream Club, Right Chord Music have pioneered a new approach to music marketing designed specifically for unsigned bands and independent artists. The results have been dramatic. The Daydream Club now attract approximately 1m streams on Spotify per month and have a sustainable income from music. Read more about the Fans, Not Fame approach

RCM Interview: //Midnight//

Earlier this week we fell a little bit in love with this band //Midnight//  So we decided it would be fun to catch up with them to find out a bit more about them, their exciting sound…and their dream dinner guest! You can download //MIDNIGHT//’s debut single from the 19th of March along with some

#FSOL 6. Wolf Alice ‘Six’

I would love to take credit for this music discovery – but unfortunately I can’t. An artist interview I recently read mentioned their name and needless to say I ‘you-tubed’ them immediately and it’s definitely the first signs of love! Wolf Alice are a band based in North London…two boys and a girl, their songs are mellow