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RCM Interview: //Midnight//

Earlier this week we fell a little bit in love with this band //Midnight//  So we decided it would be fun to catch up with them to find out a bit more about them, their exciting sound…and their dream dinner guest! You can download //MIDNIGHT//’s debut single from the 19th of March along with some more goodies from their website.

What made you start making music together?

Well it’s been about 5 years since Will & Jordan started making music together, and I guess that was just a natural evolution from playing & singing other peoples songs to actually trying to write original songs. The music kept evolving as new members joined the band, starting with Anthony, then Lloyd a couple of years later, and more recently James.  In terms of why we started making the music we’re currently making, it was really a result of spending a lot of time listening to house music, and going to places like Sankeys, The Warehouse Project, and various clubs in Ibiza. We wanted to incorporate elements of house, drum & bass & even a little bit of dubstep, into the music we were already making as a live band. There was no other band really making the music that we wanted to hear, so we figured we’d just do it ourselves.

Why the name Midnight?

Three reasons really. Firstly, the sort of imagery you’d typically associated with the word “midnight” is the same kind of imagery that sort of pops into our heads when we listen to our music. Secondly – It seemed such an obvious word to choose for a name that surely there must have already been a successful band or artist with that name, but there hasn’t. Thirdly – There are times when you hear an exciting track by an artist you’ve never heard of & then you hear their name & think “I wish I thought of that”. I think that’s how we’d feel if we heard our own music/name for the first time.

What would you say are your main influences? They seem quite broad?

We’re mostly influenced by DJ’s and artists who produce dance music, and not so much by other bands. It’s that feeling that you get when you’re in a club watching a DJ & they drop a track with a great vocal or bass line or whatever it is on that particular track that makes it stand out and you just connect with it and it sort of gives you a huge sense of satisfaction or makes you feel great. That’s what inspires us. We want to give people that same feeling when they watch us live, just in a live band format.

What are your thoughts on the music scene in the Manchester at the moment?

I think there’s quite a varied music scene in Manchester. The part that we’re into is more the club scene. I wouldn’t say there are a lot of clubs that are really worth going to but the ones that are; Sankeys, WHP, even smaller nights like Idiosync, are really great, and we can go & see most of the artists that we’re into at these venues on a pretty regular basis.

In terms of bands, I think a lot of the Manchester bands that are doing some different or exciting have already broken through and have been successful or become somewhat well known. I’m sure there are others that haven’t yet, but there are still far too many Manchester bands playing unoriginal lad rock.

Best gig ever?

Probably the first gig we ever did as //MIDNIGHT//. It was a street party on the day of the royal wedding last year. It was sponsored by addidas & Redbull & they basically closed off a small street next to a bar/club and whacked a massive stage at the end of it. It was the first time that we saw how people reacted to our live show. It was just an amazing atmosphere and it was nice to play outside in the sun.

What’s the reason behind the free giveaways each week?

We haven’t really given anything away so far, so it’s just a way of giving people stuff to show them what we’re about, which will hopefully get them interested in the band.

What’s the dream!?

We spend a ridiculous amount of time writing our music, going over everything, and paying a lot of attention to detail. We’re perfectionists & we care a lot about the music that we make, so I guess the short term dream is for our first album to be really well received & for a lot of people to really connect with it, & for it to enable us to play the kinds of shows & festivals that we love going to now. In the long run, the dream is to make a career from making consistently great records putting on a great live show. If we can become known for those two things, and connect with a big audience, then we’ll be happy.

How important is the image of the band for you?

It’s not something we think about or make any effort with especially for the band. Any image we do have is just a result of who we are as people in every day life.

Your video was shot by a photographer based in Manchester, is it quite important to you to keep everything North based?

Not necessarily but if there are talented people based in Manchester then yeah, I think it’s good to collaborate.

If there was one person you could invite to dinner who would it be!?

Jennifer Aniston

If you were sent to a desert island and you were only allowed to take three things, what would they be?

Bucket & spade, sun cream, Jennifer Aniston

Ellie Witt.