How To Get Your Music On Spotify Playlists (From A Band That Actually Has)

How to get your music on a Spotify playlist is a hot topic. Most people expect there to be a simple, golden bullet solution. Who can I pay? Which pluggers do I use? Who do I email? From experience, the reality is quite different. This article provides a guide to show you the approach we

NEW! The Complete Guide To Music Marketing – Audio Book

We’ve created an audio guide to help you promote your music in a more effective way. The Right Chord Music, Complete Guide To Music Marketing is now available to download in three parts each priced at £1. (Three pounds for the complete guide). Included in part one. 1. Introduction 2. Understanding the challenge your face

Introducing Soundkicker. The ‘Main Stream’ For Independent Music

As we all know, there are tons of amazing independent artists out there that are waiting to be discovered. Now there is a dedicated platform to help you find them. If you love discovering new music as much as we do, head over to Soundkicker. The site was created by Jimmy Sbarra and Brock Gleeson, completely

Where Is Everyone? Why Albums Make Little Sense For New Artists

When you first start out, the path to music fame and fortune seems pretty straightforward. Not because you necessarily know what to do, but because of what history tells you… Write some songs, play them live, and record an album. Then you get signed and fame and fortune flows.  The problem with this, is the

New Music Monday: Introducing Fella

Introducing Fella, an aptly named four piece from the musical hot-bed of Slough, home to self professed ‘grit-pop’ rock of [Viva] Brother. Whereas Brother were all hype, bluster and ego, (some would say at the expense of any real musical substance). Fella have adopted a more humble, softly, softly approach which may just serve them

Best of 2011 Round up By Right Chord Music

During the past few weeks we’ve been asking some of our favourite people to choose their  music of the year. We’ve had brilliant selections from Blackchords, The Daydream Club, The Paper Shades, Romans, The Jude, and music promotions agency 1-2 Hear. To round things off, Mark has chosen his own 20 favourites, focusing on some tracks

Best of 2011 Part Six: Chosen by Blackchords

Next in the guest editors chair is Damian Cazaly, the lead guitarist and hugely gifted artist from our very own Blackchords. Damian has chosen his standout albums of the year. PJ Harvey: ‘Let England Shake’ A fair departure from Polly Jean’s usual approach to singing, with a harrowingly haunting account of her fair homeland… and

Best of 2011: Part 5 Chosen by The Daydream Club

Our very own favourite acoustic, folk duo The Daydream Club are next in the editors chair.  Here are their favourite music picks of the year. 1) Ane Brun: ‘Do You Remember’ Tribal-folk at it’s best! Minimal instrumentation but captivating to the end. 2) Dry The River: ‘No Rest’ We first came across this band through Burberry Acoustic and