YUKEE Tackles The Buzz of Social Media On New Single ‘Dopamine’

Dopamine by Yukkee was written in Costa Rica, Leipzig and Berlin, and recorded at the Bear-Cave studio in Cologne with producer Luis Müller-Wallraf. The track sets in motion the young artist’s career in spectacular fashion.

YUKEE – Dopamine

23-year-old indie artist YUKEE developed his art primarily through street performances, refining his craft by connecting with audiences in an organic way.

He also travelled to Costa Rica and Mexico as a way to experience new musical atmospheres and seek inspiration to write his first album. Having recently returned from this journey to his native Germany, and with this incredible new baggage in the form of cultural expressions, he has recently released his debut single: ‘Dopamine’.

Building from gentle, evocative acoustic chords, the indie folk piece progresses with Yukee’s distinctive vocals driving the song forward. After the percussion and electric guitar fills kick in, a crescendo starts and eventually explodes into a brilliant finale.  On the track, the influences of acts such as Bob Dylan, Ed Sheeran and Bon Iver are notorious.

Lyrically, the song discusses how social media has altered our perception of ourselves and our human connections, clogging us with ever-higher doses of dopamine and empty validation, resulting in widespread damage to our mental health. The song’s message is that, despite all this, it’s possible to escape the negative effects of the fabricated realm of social media if one learns to focus on living a meaningful, offline life. YUKEE’s message is clear as it is timely, and is accompanied by a gorgeous music video that enhances the entire experience with striking visuals and landscapes.

Dopamine is a cleverly-written and engaging indie folk number, complete with expressive vocals and rich instrumentation.

‘Dopamine’ is a fascinating output by a rising artist, and an example of what this artist can achieve. Expecting to release his debut album soon, YUKEE should continue to impress with his heartfelt, highly-relatable approach to songwriting and performing.

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Words Fidel Beserra