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Newcomer YUKEE Is Ready For ‘CHANGE’

YUKEE Change - Right Chord Music Blog Review

YUKEE has released his second song called, ‘CHANGE’ after the success of his first single, ‘Dopamine.’ This new track showcases a more energetic yet evocative aspect of his music.


German-based artist, YUKEE, has been exploring music for several years through band projects, live shows, and street performances. But things were not always easy for him, which inspired him to independently create music that induces emotions.

‘CHANGE’ is a considerable departure from his previous single, which was more inclined towards indie-folk acoustic vibes. For his latest track, YUKEE has opted for a livelier and more energetic production, incorporating upbeat drums, strong bass, piano, and distinctive melodies of electric guitar. 

Even with this new sound, YUKEE’s unique and distinctive vocals continue to shine through, complemented by the percussive effect created by the electric guitar’s palm-muted tone. The chorus showcases the full-bodied acoustic guitar, blending with the uplifting melody and adding warmth and depth to the sound, creating a sonic landscape that enhances the emotional resonance of the lyrics. 

“With its poignant atmosphere, ‘CHANGE’ is a quintessential indie-pop anthem for those who seek to break free from the shackles of stagnation.” 

At its core, ‘CHANGE’ is a powerful representation of personal growth, where shedding old habits and adopting new ones is a key aspect of the journey. The song’s lyrics emphasize the difficulties that arise when we try to move beyond our comfort zones and tackle new challenges. 

Moreover, the song acknowledges the role that fear can play in hindering our progress, emphasizing the importance of overcoming it to achieve our goals.

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Words Abby Teodosio