Xcellence! Releases The Album ‘LEGENDS Of Da Fall’ 

Paying tribute to different cultures and genres, charismatic artist Xcellence! has unveiled the album LEGENDS Of Da Fall, an eclectic 11-track collection guaranteed to get people on their feet.

Xcellence! – LEGENDS Of Da Fall

Hailing from the D.C. Metropolitan area, Xcellence! is a project that could fit under many different genres, yet its eclectic background makes it hard to label. His music is highly influenced by his Caribbean roots, more specifically by Trinidad and Tobago.

SET IT OFF! Ignites this LP on a high note, being a rarity due to not fitting with any of the other offerings here, falling into a more electronic umbrella, and bringing the party to your living room with EDM beats that will make you go full rave mode.

In Where They At 2.0 and UGH!!!, Xcellence showcases his rapping skills, knocking it out of the park with flaming hot rhymes and exuding swag,

Something you will notice through this record is Xcellence’s overall sense of humour, not only present in the lyrics but also in the inventive production choices like in the tracks I Feel Pretty, Twerkin USA, and DrEAMS, songs where this artist takes inspiration from iconic compositions, borrowing specific parts and turning them into irresistible catchy tracks.

I Just Need Tonight takes the cake as the most cheerful melody in this work, its infectious rhythm and magnetic arrangements are the perfect definition of a “dance-inducing” song.

Of course, there couldn’t be humour without a certain level of irreverence, luckily this performer has that base covered in the tracks Hokey Pokey and Let Me See It (Part 1), coming up with some of his most daring songwriting while still maintaining the good vibes.

Space Mountain and I Used To Believe In Love function as another way to exalt the fantastic wordplay that Xcellence is capable of.

LEGENDS Of Da Fall is a fun sonorous ride, balancing catchiness with clever production.

LODF is an oddity in the best way possible, giving the listener many reasons to come back to it, its self-awareness, hypnotizing production, and overall enjoyment put this record in a class of its own.

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Words Javier Rodriguez