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Vujadejunky Takes Us On A ‘Homeward Bound Trajectory’

Vujadejunky Homeward Bound Trajectory

Electronic artist Vujadejunky gives us his homeward journey-inspired track from his latest EP.

Vujadeunky – Homeward Bound Trajectory

What does a song of homecoming sound like to you? Is it folk harmonies and driving guitars, or quiet strings and bittersweet chords? Coming home can have many meanings, and Vujadejunky gives us his take on it with ‘Homeward Bound Trajectory’, keeping an uplifting tone throughout. 

Vujedejunky is the project of independent music producer Christopher Stack. Making music since the age of 12, it’s only in recent years that he’s rediscovered his passion for it and began to release songs into the outside world. And he hasn’t wasted time lately either, releasing over 10 tracks since 2021. ‘Homeward Bound Trajectory’ is the title track of his latest EP, consisting of two different mixes of the 11-minute ambient piece, though I’ll only be focusing on the original mix.

‘Homeward Bound Trajectory’ is an accessible electronic instrumental piece, with a sincere sentiment at its heart, along with a hefty Europop influence.

Opening with static fuzz sounds and a few synths that have a touch of the 80s sci-fi to them, the beat soon kicks in, with mellow harmonies adding a real sweetness to it all. With its simple, childlike melodies, layers gradually build and fade yet a sense of hopefulness is maintained throughout. 

The swirling layers do drop out when the track breaks down to a fuzzy synth bass and a beat, changing the mood to something more thoughtful. But when the beat rises again and a clap-along kick-snare beat is added, we’re back in an upbeat land heading for a triumphant finish. The piece ends gently with a piano reiterating some of the main themes. At 11 minutes, this might be too long for many listeners, but it’s a nice gateway track for anyone looking for a non-threatening route into electronic instrumental music. 

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Words Eden Tredwell