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Vandetta. Ground Zero



Taken off the upcoming Vandetta EP due out on Syndicate on October 15, Ground Zero by Vandetta is an exercise in beautiful simplicity, combining dark and light to create a track that both enthralls and excites.

Vanessa Fernandez  aka Vandetta explains:  “I wanted to challenge myself and my skill since this was my first solo album although I’d been in business for over a decade. Most people in Singapore knew me as either a singer from an old hip-hop group or a presenter on radio.  I engaged the part of me that was purely instinctual. I wasn’t bound by the rules of music and just allowed whatever I heard in my head and felt in my heart to come through. In feeling trapped by my own limitations I found the opportunity to make something that truly represented who I am and what I believe in.  In some ways I suppose you could say that it was how I learned to fly.”