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Twenty6 Return With Floor Filler ‘Are You For Real’

Twenty6 Are You For Real

Realizing the unique chemistry among them, producer Alex Burkett and singer/songwriter Loren Hannon formed Twenty6, after a string of releases they return with the glorious, late night floor filler ‘Are You For Real’

Twenty6 – Are You For Real

Twenty6 is one of those special and rare cases where everything seemed to happen at the right place and at the right time, call it fate or destiny if you want, but the truth is that Alex and Loren’s meeting felt like a perfect match.

Their debut EP ‘Got You‘ saw the light within a year after their formation, receiving praise from BBC Introducing and simultaneously taking this group to headline two gigs in London.

The next step in their discography is an electronic dance gem called Are You For Real, and it’s proof of the aforementioned chemistry between them, repeating the cool dynamic that has made this duo so appealing while having an endearing story behind it.

For this tune, Alex was inspired by the work of Disclosure, creating an irresistible beat layered meticulously into a barrage of stacked-sounding harmonies.

The second half of this melodic equation is Loren, who crafted the lyrics and provides delightful vocals in this melody. This is what she had to say about her contribution to this bopper:

The lyrics came to me pretty much straight away. When I first met Alex and was getting to know him, we started realizing we had so much in common and the longer I spent with him started thinking to myself “woahh, are you for real?” That was my inspiration for the lyrics.

Despite their non-stop release schedule it’s admirable to see the level of cohesiveness showcased here. None of their songs feel rushed or improvised, proving that these talented artists are on the right path. It might sound like a cliche but It seems that Twenty6 was just meant to be.

Are You For Real is an adorable love child between house and dance, being a perfect material for nightclubs all over the world.

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Words Javier Rodriguez