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FIZA Premieres Her Debut Single ‘Pieces’

FIZA - Pieces

FIZA makes her exciting sun-drenched debut with the single ‘Pieces’ It’s clear this North West London-born and currently, Edinburgh-based artist is here to stay.

FIZA – Pieces

FIZA’s started music at the early age of seven, she learned to play electric guitar and started to write songs not too long after. This early involvement in the world of music helped FIZA to develop an ever-growing passion that has culminated with her first song Pieces.

Tackling a general issue that most people will relate to, Pieces reflects on those excruciating moments in life that will make you feel like falling to pieces and how important it is to get yourself back together:

“‘Pieces’ is about the difficulties in trying to piece yourself and your life back together whilst going through the trials and tribulations of life and what it throws at you. It is about reminding yourself you are stronger than you give yourself credit for and you can help guide yourself into a future you are comfortable with.” said the artist.

Candid and ideal for the ongoing season, the tune is splendidly carried thanks to the soothing instrumentation, but the most remarkable element throughout the whole piece is FIZA’s versatile voice, capable of providing a soft rendition at times and then escalating to faster and more diverse tonalities.

Pieces is a formidable musical arrangement, excellently executed from beginning to end, and incredibly infectious in the best way possible.

For a first single, Pieces does a terrific job introducing FIZA, evidencing her charming personality, appealing presentation, and overall catchy sound that will please even the fanciest ears. Brace yourselves because this is just the beginning for this upcoming musician.

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