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The White Lakes Dazzle On Lovedrunk

The White Lakes Lovedrunk

Lovedrunk by The White Lakes dazzles on so many levels as there’s a story bubbling within the drama.

The White Lakes – Lovedrunk

This is an empowering track with big bold instrumentals and a heartfelt narrative. Beautifully produced on a big scale, the song sounds like a track that would fit arenas and stadiums, powering its way through the crowd like a supersonic shiver.

Lyrically love gets the treatment, and at times everything seems optimistic, though when listening in, it does lean towards pessimism. At the start, the band sings their hearts out, and the tight guitar lines optimise the sound with those heightened vocals, and the lyrics show that the band wants to see through clear eyes.

It’s intelligent songwriting this, and the band shows their worth with this track. It’s a poppy song with rock undertones, pushing the limitations of the band. Throughout the contribution, the act describes being let down, and the benefits of medication to help them through the trials and tribulations that life brings.

It’s actually thought-provoking in many ways this track, as the band bare their thoughts and feelings for the world. It transcends expectations, Lovedrunk too, as the message comes through with clarity and meaning, and every little detail becomes pivotal to the track’s progression.

Such an earworm, Lovedrunk is The White Lake’s pop triumph, with a story that will resonate with listeners, because of the themes and its significant message, and he band know the world isn’t fully coloured or masked in beauty, especially in these times.

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Words Mark McConville