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The Marijanovic Have That ‘Butterfly Feeling’

The Marijanovic - Butterfly Feeling on Right Chord Music

A stripped-back sound with a passionate chorus makes The Marijanovic’s latest single ‘Butterfly Feeling’ a thought-provoking listen.

The Marijanovic – Butterfly Feeling

Hailing from Norwich, The Marijanovic has sparked quite the impression visually and musically. From the gothic aesthetic to the incredible diversity of genres ranging from alternative rock to 80’s goth pop to pop punk, it’s even more of a delight to hear that his second EP is in the works, so keep your eyes peeled.

The Marijanovic’s latest single, ‘Butterfly Feeling’ is a testament to his slowed-down ballad-like side. It’s emotionally driven, stripped back and raw, with the instruments minimal, allowing for the vocals to shine through.

As the chorus kicks in, the instruments dial-up subtly to effectively boost the emotive lyrics and heartfelt vocals. There is something in the delivery of ‘Butterfly Feeling’ that tugs on the heartstrings, it is quite simply beautiful. 

“Emotionally charged lyrics and from-the-heart vocals make ‘Butterfly Effect’ a serenade for the ears.”

The Marijanovic describes ‘Butterfly Effect’ as “a love letter to classic rock ballads” and it certainly doesn’t disappoint with the balance of the minimalistic verses contrasting with the powerful chorus which brilliantly mixes up the pace and hammers home on the moving tone.

You can tell that the track means a lot to The Marijanovic as he pours his heart into every word. We can’t wait to see what the upcoming EP has to offer!

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Words Holly Hammond