The Daydream Club return with new single ‘Wolf Winter’ and we have the exclusive first play of the video and the link to pre-save it to Spotify.

Lost Intimacy

I recently heard the theory that despite our hyper connected world, there is an intimacy deficit. Apparently the popularity of Podcasts can be explained by recognising the role they play in delivering in-ear intimacy.

This got me thinking about the role music plays in keeping us connected… Then an email arrived from The Daydream Club about their new single Wolf Winter and everything seemed to drop into place.

The Daydream Club – Wolf Winter

Back in 2005, in an isolated, internet-less house in the Swedish countryside, Adam from The Daydream Club was experiencing what locals were calling the Wolf Winter. (The worst winter they had seen in decades).

“It was incredibly lonely. Paula (his wife and partner in The Daydream Club) was miles away in England and we couldn’t just video call like you would today. We’ve never felt more separate from each other. In stark contrast to that, our lives now are so intertwined that it’s hard to imagine one without the other. That’s what we’ve aimed to capture in the piano duet.

It’s the closeness we were both longing for during that cold winter apart.” Wolf Winter is a hypnotic and intricate duet for two pianos. The intentionally interwoven melodies make it hard to know where one part begins and the other ends. This deliberate structure and honest back-story makes Wolf Winter a wonderfully unassuming anthem for intimacy.

So, this winter as the evenings get darker and the weather gets colder why not trying turning off your TV. Remind yourself how powerful music can be in connecting you to the important people in your lives.

Spotify Pre-Save

Wolf Winter by The Daydream Club is officially released this Friday, the 15th November. Follow this link and you can pre-save it to your Spotify or preferred music streaming service. In simple terms, this means the track will automatically appear in your collection on the day of release so you will always be the first to hear it.

If you want to play Wolf Winter or any other pieces by The Daydream Club you can purchase the sheet music from their on-line shop.

The sheet music for Wolf Winter by The Daydream Club will come in two parts, so pianists can learn one part and play along with the band or find a friend to play it with.

About The Daydream Club

The Daydream Club are a multi-genre, award winning husband and wife duo comprising of Adam and Paula Pickering, with one goal – to make music they’re proud of.

This approach has evidently served them well over the course of the bands history, as they have organically built a strong, loyal fan base without the luxury of traditional forms of financing, promotion or backing.

Still fiercely independent, the duo have forged their own path to success, amassing over 100m streams across Spotify and Apple Music.

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