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The 76 Club Hit Hard On ‘Beside Myself’

The 76 Club Beside Myself on Right Chord Music Blog

The 76 Club’s indie-rock belter ‘Beside Myself’ hits the spot.

The 76 Club – Beside Myself

What do you think of when you hear the phrase ‘beside myself’? It may be a slightly old-fashioned term for anger, but in this case, The 76 Club have twisted it around into a metaphor for the loneliness of your own company – particularly when you’re pining for another. But don’t worry, the song is a bop as well. 

The 76 Club are a 5-piece alt-rock group formed in Burton on Trent. Their name is taken from an infamous club in their hometown, a key part of the band’s formative stages. This track is the sophomore single after their debut release ‘Envy You’.

‘Beside Myself’ is a thumping alt-rock track with the right amount of angst and heavy guitars to hit the spot.

‘When I’m lying in bed at night, you’re the one who’s on my mind’ sing the introspective lyrics, detailing a lost love and the unsuccessful efforts to overcome them. Our narrator admits they’ve entered full angst mode, and ‘try to hide the light that’s shining through’, and in the chorus concedes that they’ll ‘always be waiting here beside myself’. This is combined with well-crafted melodies and gutsy, compelling lead vocals. 

The track begins strongly with a distorted growl and a hooky, punchy bass riff. With powerful drum beats and guitars that range from wavy chords to strong lead lines, it seems like the band is a tight outfit that would work particularly well live. There’s a bit of a 90s flavour too – fans of acts like Hole and Garbage might find something to enjoy here. But fans of indie and alt-rock will get a kick out of it, and if you find yourself in the Midlands soon, keep an eye out for The 76 Club. 

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Words Eden Tredwell