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The 76 Club Reach Out On ‘Ava’

The 76 Club Ava review on Right Chord Music

Discover The 76 Club’s soaringly painful anthem.

The 76 Club – ‘Ava’

Adolescence is a beautiful, excruciating time. All that promise and potential, combined with a rush of hormones that leave you ready to explode at any minute – or as The 76 Club put it, ‘a flame about to ignite’. This is a song dedicated to the highs and lows of teenagers, and the darkness that can come with it.

The 76 Club are a 5-piece alt-rock outfit hailing from Burton on Trent in the UK. Regular readers may recognise them, with their name being taken from their famous local venue.

‘Ava’ is an emotionally raw rock anthem inspired by the turbulent emotions of adolescence.

In particular, drummer Riley Gillard was inspired to write this about the prevalent issue of self-harm among teenage girls. The lyrics tell a girl’s story, echoing the extreme emotions with anger in lines like ‘I resent the pain’ and despair with ‘will victory ever come my way?’ There’s a desperate need in lines like ‘I need you…now I’m falling through’ but there is also hope and love painted here, remarking ‘with you it all just flies away’. This is delivered with powerful, yearning lead vocals and cascading melodies.

The production combines stomping beats that gradually build, with driving, swooping guitars. There’s a thrumming bass and angelic vocal harmonies, with some unexpected chord changes, but it never feels overdone. At close on 5 minutes it’s a little long, but fans of bands like The Cranberries and WetLeg should find plenty to enjoy here.

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Words Eden Tredwell