Taylor-Louise – Blessed With A Curse (RCM Video Exclusive)

Today on Right Chord Music, we have the video exclusive of ‘Blessed With a Curse’ from Taylor-Louise, a 22-year-old singer-songwriter from Leamington Spa.

After featuring the single on Episode 258 of our Lost On Radio Podcast, today we return with the first play of the video.

Taylor-Louise was born in Germany, upon moving back to UK in 2004 she picked up her father’s guitar and taught herself to play.

She quickly learned that fitting in doesn’t create happiness, but accepting who you are does. This mantra has guided her image and her career ever since.

Taylor-Louise released her first EP Jealous Eyes in 2013 followed by her sophomore release Broken Reflection in 2017, along the way she’s picked up deserved support from BBC Introducing with an Artist of the Month feature.

‘Blessed With a Curse’ was released on March 8th and is available to stream on Spotify and all major platforms. The track is also featured on our Lost On Radio new music Spotify playlist.

Blessed With a Curse is a song about trusting in yourself and putting faith in others. The opening guitar sound hints at Blondie’s Atomic, and provides a hook that runs throughout the track. It’s a breathless up-beat slice of indie pop with a catchy sing-along refrain.

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