Tuesday, April 23, 2024
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Lyra Live In The Moment With ‘Medusa’ 

Lyra returns with Medusa a song that explores the theme of living in the moment and shines a light on the rebellious nature of...

Gemma Rogers Charms Fans Live At Paper Dress Vintage

RCM favourite Gemma Rogers charms fans live at Paper Dress Vintage. Read Eden Tredwell's live review. Gemma Rogers Live Review Most of my music consumption is...

Gemma Rogers Won’t ‘Stop’ With Her New Addictive Track

‘They know what drugs you take…they know about your holidays…’ sings Gemma Rogers in the opening verse of ‘Stop’ as she tackles digital surveillance...

The Daydream Club. Found EP

Adam Pickering and Paula Walker, also known as The Daydream Club, are one of my favourite artists to land in my inbox this year. The...