Monday, April 22, 2024
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The Subtheory Tug Heartstrings On New Track ‘Crown Of Thorns’

Dark and brooding with a uniquely melancholic essence, ‘Crown Of Thorns’ by The Subtheory is captivating electronic, trip-hop that captures a vibe unlike anything...

Lost Foxes Can Still Smell The ‘Petrichor’

Lost Fox's new track ‘Petrichor’ is an explosion of colour on a nostalgic canvas. Lost Foxes 'Petrichor' A tightly knit indie rock anthem that dives into...

Needshes Return With ‘I Hate You (Version 2023)’

Needshes hits all the spots on new powerhouse single ‘I Hate You (Version 2023)’. Needshes 'I Hate You' (Version 2023) Needshes new single ‘I Hate You...