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Saige Lights Up The Room With The Electrifying ‘Sparks’ EP

Paige Sparks EP Right Chord Music

After a handful of well-rounded singles, Irish up-and-coming singer Saige has released the long-awaited EP Sparks, which combines the elegance of dream pop with touching songwriting for a wholehearted record that you need to hear.

Saige – Sparks EP

With plenty of support from Notion, Wonderland Magazine, Earmilk, and Right Chord Music, there was a good amount of anticipation for Saige’s debut. Luckily, she exceeded expectations with a solid five-track work full of remarkable moments.

Energized and incredibly catchy, the opening track ‘Sparks’ is guaranteed to brighten your day with its upbeat rhythm and colourful production, which contains echoed vocal effects and a chorus you won’t be able to forget in days.

A pulsating bassline dictates the pace for the next song, ‘Falling’, a tune that steals the show due to its infectious synth passages and passionate lyrics.

And talking about its meaning, it deals with the push-and-pull of the dance of possibility between two strangers, the lust, alluring, and excitement of that moment.

The next chapter in this auditive voyage, ‘Emulsify’, takes a little detour, shifting from the high-energy delivery to a more soothing, dream-like type of song, using the chemical process of emulsion as a metaphor for relationships, this melody shines thanks to Saige’s heavenly vocal work, being the ultimate stress killer and a beautiful lullaby at the same time.

And if you can’t get enough of the previous composition, the following melody is a live version of Emulsify recorded at the Grouse Lodge Studios.

Last but definitely not least, ‘Outgrown’ brings back the dynamic production of the first tracks, with lively guitar riffs accompanying the empowering lyrics evoking feelings of liberation and maturity.

Sparks is a passionate and thrilling EP that keeps things interestingly fresh.

Saige has crafted a consistent short-duration work with enough musical diversity to keep you engaged and invested in it. If this is a glimpse of what’s yet to come in her career, then we’re up for a treat!

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Words Javier Rodriguez