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pMad Unleashes Dark Fury

pMad Fury on Right Chord Music

pMad’s ‘Fury’ is a spellbinding darkwave composition that seamlessly merges electronica and metal elements. 

pMad, the gripping solo music project led by Paul Dillon from Portumna, Co. Galway, Ireland, blends post-punk, gothic indie rock, darkwave, and even metal. Topping independent charts worldwide and with two albums released, ‘Who Why Where What’ (2022) and ‘I in Power’ (May 2023), pMad’s music delves into the human experience, embracing imperfections and addressing global issues like the climate crisis. With hypnotic compositions and a commitment to authenticity, pMad delivers truly engaging soundscapes with uncompromising grit. 

With an intense, mid-paced allure and a hypnotic vocal delivery, ‘Fury’ balances between danceable 80s energy and ominous contemporary undertones. The clever incorporation of modern electronica elements also adds a nice layer of texture, seamlessly blending with the metallic resonance of the heavy metal-inspired guitars.

“Equally ominous and bouncy, Fury is a memorable darkwave number.”

Lyrically, the song encapsulates the internal struggle of indecision and rage. The repeated mention of “fury” emphasises the overwhelming emotions that consume the mind and head. While simple and straightforward, the lyrics really add to the song’s hypnotic nature.

Overall, ‘Fury’ is an enthralling piece that captures the listener from the very beginning. It’s dancing yet foreboding nature creates a sense of anticipation, building an atmosphere that is both exhilarating and haunting.  It also solidifies pMad’s reputation as an act with the prowess to craft music that pushes boundaries and ignites the imagination. Make sure to connect with him on social media for more of his brand of unique darkwave/post-punk.

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Words Fidel Beserra