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Olympians “Everything’s Amazing” (Nobody’s Happy)


Following what has proven to be an incredibly busy (not to mention eventful) 12 months for Olympians, the Norwich power-pop quartet and former Right Chord Music band of the week have shown they have no intention of letting off steam as the year draws to a close, with the announcement of the fourth and final Book Club release, “Everything’s Amazing (Nobody’s Happy)”, out on the 3 December 2012.

Recorded at home by the band themselves, and mixed by David Pye (2:54, Wild Beasts, Dog is Dead) “Everything’s Amazing…” will be available digitally on iTunes and Bandcamp, and as a limited edition run of CD singles. Current Book Club subscribers will not only receive both the physical and digital versions of the single ahead of the release date, but also an exclusive limited-edition 12-page mini-zine, which includes photography and artwork from the Book Club release, along with some words from the band.

The Book Club is open for subscriptions until the 3 December, and new subscribers will receive all the material which has been released through the Book Club over the course of the year, including an instant download of over 20 digital tracks (most of which are exclusive to Book Club members), all four CD singles in handmade card cases, a hollowed out hardback book to keep them in, the 12-page zine and a limited edition poster.
Documenting the band’s musical evolution between releases, the series has not only seen the band experiment with their sound, instrumentation and approach to recording, but also undergo some significant line-up changes, with the departure of drummer Ed in September. As such, the band gave careful consideration to the tracklisting of the final single, with keyboard player Ben Thompson stating “we wanted the final single to not only bring a close to the Book Club series, but also hint at where we’re headed next”.

The single starts with the full band version of “Everything’s Amazing…” and builds to b-side “Nova Scotia”, two songs which are not only Olympians last efforts as a full band, but the latter in fact being one of the band’s few experiments with maximalism. Guitarist Dan Harvey describes Nova Scotia as “a song we got carried away and have turned into about 5 songs all played at the same time. We like the bits that sound like a dying robot best, but you can decide for yourselves what you like”. In contrast to this, the final track on the single (and indeed the final track in the Book Club) presents a stripped back version of the lead single. Dan continues “Everything’s Amazing (Nobody Died) is an old version of the song, but we liked how Sufjan Stevens included an old more basic version of All Delighted People on the EP of that very same name, so thought we’d steal that idea, and here it is”.

While “Everything’s Amazing…” is the final single in the Book Club, and the band’s final release with their current line-up, it is by no means a sign that Olympians have any intentions of calling it a day. With an EP already written and recorded, and an album on the way, ‘Everything’s Amazing’ is as much the start of a new chapter for the band as it is an end to one.

The Book Club is a series of four singles released throughout 2012 all loosely held together with varying book related themes. All singles are released digitally on iTunes and in a series of CDs in limited edition handmade cases. Continuing their quest to produce physical formats worth paying money for, Olympians have also made the entire series available inside a hollowed out hardback book, and also comes with a host of extra material, remixes and a limited edition poster. More information on the Book Club can be found here.

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