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New Music Monday: Introducing Giana Factory


This Thursday, Giana Factory are playing one of our favourite new music club nights, the excellent Ja Ja Ja, a monthly Nordic music showcase at The Lexington. For that reason, and because they are so bloomin good, they are our artist of the week.

Giana Factory are an all female, Danish trio consisting of Loui Foo – sister of Sharin (The Raveonettes) on vocals & drum pads, Sofie Johanne (bass, synth) and Lisbet Fritze (guitar).

Their debut album ‘Save The Youth’ was released in Denmark in 2010, a well received collection of noir pop gems, combining gloomy synths and crisp drum pads with atmospheric guitars and sparklingly fresh melodies. They then embarked on a monthly 7″ vinyl series pairing a track from the album with a re-interpretation of an album track by one of their musical friends. Contributions were received from Anders Trentemøller (DK), Glasvegas (UK), Autolux (US) and VETO (DK).

‘Save The Youth’ is now being released worldwide in March. We highly recommend you go and see them, this Thursday at The Lexington.

The Giana Factory inspired playlist.

1. Chairlift: Planet Health

2. Efterklang: Modern Drift

3. Beach House: 10 Mile Stereo

4. Fever Ray: If I Had A Heart

5. Blindfold: Sleepless Nights


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