Russian based NEEDSHES erupts with vibrancy in the romantic and astonishing ‘Song For You’.

NEEDSHES – Song For You

NEEDSHES have been on the rise with a string of successful performances, albums and singles, with the quirky album art showcasing the eccentric vibe of the alt-rock band.  Queen and The Beatles influences ooze through the latest release ‘Song for You’, stemming from the talent of the multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter and founder, Otabek Salamov (Bek).

‘Song for You’ is a track that is larger than life and never wastes a second. The melodic piano ripples throughout to create a theatrical atmosphere which is only amplified by the crashing energy of the instruments and the powerful vocals from Bek, which at times, catch you off guard.

The track executes the gradual increase of tension brilliantly, building up to a wild and straight-up fun chorus packed full of liveliness. The melodies blend smoothly together with the different instruments rising to prominence at various points throughout to keep the track dynamic and enhance its theatrical sound.

Of the song, Bek said “It’s about the moment everyone had or will have in their life when you fall in love selflessly. This can happen many times until you find your person.”

‘Song For You’ surges with a spectacular energy and mighty vocals to leave you with a tune you’ll be humming for days after.

The selfless love premise makes for a fantastic listen to create that feel-good feeling. This is only enhanced by the sensational sound, making it a must for fans of Queen and also those looking for something to put a spring in their step.

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Words Holly Hammond