National Service – Caving

Caving is the latest release from National Service and it’s a bold, awesome mix of alternative rock rumblings with stirring guitar rhythms and entrancingly distinctive vocals. The track tackles heavy topics, with its most central theme being the torture and strain of self-inflicted pressure.

Introducing National Service

National Service first began releasing music back in 2017, through the iconic indie label Fierce Panda. Since then, the four piece band from North East London has been up and down the UK performing their music, a unique blend of tense, modern post-punk, new wave and indie rock.

Speaking about the track’s central theme, lead singer and guitarist Fintan has said: Caving was written at a time when I was getting crushed under the weight of my own expectations. Pressures I put upon myself and commitments I made at work, at home, with music and with friends. I wanted to be smashing everything – you know that nonsense about living your best life? I don’t subscribe to that, but on some level, it gets to you.

In an era when it’s all too easy to compare yourself to others, with social media consuming significant proportions of most people’s day to day lives, the track’s line “maybe I should cut myself some slack”, is especially emotive and relatable. Caving is an incredible track, with an important message.

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Words Rachel Makinson