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Mr Bewlay Wants You To ‘Live, Laugh, Love’

Mr Bewlay Live Laugh Love

Displaying an extravagant style that defies archetypal conventionalisms, Mr Bewlay has developed a unique persona that oozes charisma along with uninhibited artistic talent.

Mr Bewlay – Live, Laugh, Love

Cardiff’s very own Mr Bewlay has spent the last couple of years captivating audiences with his eccentric musical approach, slowly becoming a significant presence in the Welsh independent scene. So far in his young career, he has sold out shows as a headliner at important venues such as Porter’s (Cardiff), Queens Hall (Narbeth), and Ill Repute (Bristol).

His early songs were very synth-pop-focused, showing a marked influence by the immortal David Bowie that will echo to fans of this legendary performer. However, just when everyone thought they knew what Bewlay was all about, he has broken the mold with his newest creation Live, Laugh, Love.

Mr Bewlay’s first release of 2022 shifts gears from the calm synth-pop to an unrestrained garage rock track, composed with a basic yet intense chord structure. The hallucinating solo trumpet adds extra flavour to an already frenetic banger.

Due to his versatile vocal delivery, this change of genres does not feel forced or inadequate, quite the opposite, denoting this artist’s formidable chameleonic adaptability.

Of course, a song with such untamed energy needed to be accompanied by lyrics equally atypical, as Bewlay explains:

 “I have to admit this song lyrically was originally written as a joke. Relying on the meme of the ‘Karen’ with their hollow tastes and tacky sentimentality. The more I tinkered with the song, the more the lyrics were not sarcastic, instead portraying a neutrality to the situation and relying on absurd imagery of middle-aged women’s slogans tattooed on faces and blasting out of stereo systems. It definitely has the shock factor to it“.

Live, Laugh, Love is an entertaining two-minute and a half delight, its fun, and chaotic nature makes this song an unforgettable earworm.

It is very accurate to say that Live, Laugh, Love is Mr Bewlay’s wildest song to date, this new track opens up a plethora of possibilities for his career and this enigmatic character.

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Words Javier Rodriguez