LT Explores The Mental Health ‘Rollercoaster’ On New Single

Rollercoaster by LT fuses a contagious thumping beat with dark lyrics describing a mental breakdown.

LT – Rollercoaster

For those of us who have been through too many rough patches, a new emotional meltdown may seem like… Tuesday. You just switch to fourth gear and ride through the crisis barely feeling anything, or even finding some masochist enjoyment. Few songs describe this experience as accurately as Rollercoaster, the new single by rising Australian indie pop sensation LT. (Leanne Tennant)

As you feel your hair stand up to this thumping tune, you immediately imagine how fantastic this would sound in a dark dance hall. But once the lyrics start to sink in, you realise the song actually revolves around making it through the one-millionth mental crisis and, hopefully, still finding the light at the end of the tunnel… only to muster enough strength before the next breakdown…

This girl seems used to dancing on the edge of her breaking point, so she just smirks and ploughs on. She sounds sober yet joyful all through, in a performance that could very well be simply describing ordinary romantic love, the pleasure of clubbing or any regular dance pop banality. This creates quite an interesting contrast with the bitter words.

At least our Aussie diva’s journey is not a solitary one. In what seems far from a healthy, stable relationship, LT and her lover revel in their co-dependence: “The only thing that’d kill more/Is if this were over”, she sings with a tone so candid it’s almost scary.

The introspective tone is further explored by the video, a black-and-white conceptual piece about gaming and duality: chess pawns, arm wrestling and couple dancing accentuate the yin and yang theme.

LT is a promising new star on the pop scene down under. Her last single Hold Ya was featured as Song You Need To Know on Rolling Stone Australia 2021. She has won three Queensland Music Awards and a Carol Lloyd Award. Her track How Would It Feel has also made waves on BBC Radio and caught the attention of London DJ JHustl3, who remixed it.

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Words Fernando de Oliveira Lúcio