Unsigned Music Podcast Lost On Radio

The Lost On Radio Podcast and Spotify Playlist champions unsigned bands & independent artists. We showcase incredible new artists that are being overlooked by radio or pushed to the late-night fringes.

About Lost On Radio

Lost On Radio is a music podcast that champions the best new, undiscovered and underappreciated music in our inbox. Curated by the Right Chord Music editorial team it’s a democracy, if we love it, we playlist it. There are no radio pluggers or PR agencies required. To get your music featured, visit our contact page.  Submit your music, or recommend your favourite new artists.

We’ve produced over 200 episodes of the Podcast and attracted listeners from 150 different countries. Lost On Radio is now also a growing Spotify playlist.

You can listen back to all previous episodes of the Lost On Radio new music Podcast by clicking on the Podcast menu above, or check out our radio player on the right column of the website You can also find the Podcast and Playlist on Spotify or via your favourite Podcast App.

Help us support unsigned bands & independent artists

Please support the artists by clicking the Spotify Follow link below. Let’s give these artists the largest possible audience and income. If you enjoy the music we share, befriend the artists on social media and add these tracks to your own Spotify playlists.

We are now reinvesting a percentage of our profits on our sister site Major Labl to promote Lost On Radio and the artists that feature on it. Find out more.

Why Spotify playlists are important for unsigned bands

As an unsigned band, it is incredibly difficult to secure daytime radio play-listing, because radio is dominated by major label artists. Hiring a radio plugger is expensive and for unsigned artists, the cost frequently outweighs the returns. Faced with these challenges Spotify provides a powerful and credible alternative way for unsigned artists to build buzz and earn an income.

Although landing a place on an official Spotify playlist can have a dramatic impact on your income, competition is fierce. Therefore, getting your music on independent playlists like Lost On Radio can provide a vital stepping stone to build online buzz to get on Spotify’s radar.

Get on the Lost On Radio new music Podcast or Playlist

If you would like to be considered for our Spotify Playlist please use the form on our contact page, including a short biography and some links to your music.