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London duo Stone Fruit return with the gorgeously understated ‘Second Guess’ 

Stone Fruit

London-based musical duo Stone Fruit return with their first offering of the new year, the gorgeously understated and lyrically vulnerable new single, ‘Second Guess’ which is also the first track to be revealed from their upcoming EP, Hold Me Closer, set for release in July.

Stone Fruit – Second Guess

Sonically enchanting and lyrically impassioned, ‘Second Guess’ captures the duo at their best, enmeshing the listener in the haunting melodies of Valentini Pavlidou and the spacious and ethereal production of Lef Germenlis. Set on a minimalistic, folk backdrop, Valentini’s delicate, ruminative vocals command the track, taking the listener on a journey through her past as she reflects on decisions she’d made and choices she wished she hadn’t. 

Largely inspired by the chaos, loss, and loneliness experienced due to COVID, both  Stone Fruit’s upcoming project and the ‘Second Guess’ singe itself traverse a range of topics and themes brought forth by the pandemic & do a good job of reminding the listener that they are not alone. 

Speaking on their newest offering, Stone Fruit share: 

“’Second Guess’ is the first single of our third EP. Across our previous releases, we have explored different sounds influenced by soul, pop and electronic music.  Although we had the pleasure to collaborate with and feature some amazing musicians in this EP, we chose ‘Second Guess’ to be our first single as it best captures the creative process of our duo. Written, recorded and produced in our home studio, this single is an electro-folk minimalistic track influenced by the likes of Ry X and London Grammar. The ethereal sounds and storyline are exploring and commenting on themes magnified during the pandemic, such as doubt and self-reflection.” Stone Fruit.

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Words Daisy Lipsey