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Lights & Motion – Fireflies


Lights & Motion

On listening to ‘Fireflies’ by Lights & Motion we were taken to the infinity of stars that makes the beautiful cover art for this song. For 2 minutes the song gently but steadily rises from a very airy piano progression and as more and more choral and synth layers start to be added – it lifts the track and yourself up and up.  It builds and builds and leaves you wondering how the resolve will be…It surprisingly calms itself down and you feel gravity-less.  It lingers on waves of synths holding the momentum and softly starts to build up once again.  The next climax is followed by a haunting and lonely piano outro similar to how it started and it feels like a perfect universal cycle has been completed.

We love reviewing music because you are listening to a song for the very first time and you are in the hands of musicians who make it.  The musicianship and production on this track is of epic standards.  ‘Epic’ meaning that you can imagine it being used on a Space film, or a big budget car advert.

Fireflies is taken from the album Chronicle which is out now on Deep Elm Records.

Winston Freeman