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Kitty Finer explores the mysteries of love on ‘No One’

Kitty Finer No One

Former First Signs of Love featured artist Kitty Finer returns with her new single ‘No One’

In the finest tradition of emotionally affecting pop music, Kitty Finer’s latest release ‘No One’ sets a cautionary musing on the mysteries of love to a determinedly upbeat tune.

The protagonists in Kitty’s new release are a couple who know they are perhaps up to no good, but just want peace and quiet free from the judgement of others – an increasingly tough ask in this voyeuristic age.

Underneath Kitty’s sun-kissed vocal refrain, shimmying beat-group instrumentation sketches elements of country swing and Sixties soul. This all peaks in a gloriously sunny chorus, where Kitty’s sonorous plea, set to a backdrop of pealing guitar, is harmonised by Noah Kelly, who co-produced the song with Brian O’Shaughnessy (Primal Scream, The Clientele, Beth Orton), helping to hone what is a gleeful pop nugget, evoking Lily Allen at Motown or The Cardigans forming a supergroup with Camera Obscura.

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