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KAPTAN – Anywhere We Go


Put your finger on a map of down-town Nashville and you can feel the pulse of Andrew de Torres.  The singer-songwriter forges ahead with a solo bow and new EP (‘Sprinter’) of conceptual, thoughtful and playfully-orchestrated indie-pop as KAPTAN.  Here, the sonic template resonates with a notably happy shimmer, showcasing Andrew’s knack for melding emotionally direct lyrics with refined, nuanced compositions.

“When I finally decided to start this project and do something on my own, I knew that I wanted the songs to all have really great energy. I wrote “Anywhere We Go” with a good friend of mine and great songwriter, Brandon Day who also co-produced the track with Brandon Metcalf at South By Sea Studios. We just sat down together, I got some ideas for the main guitar melody lines, Brandon Day wrapped it all up in some sparkly feel good magic and Brandon Metcalf made it all come together. We just wanted to write something that would make you feel really good while you’re listening to it.”

Mission accomplished! As we pack for the annual RCM summer holiday, this track rings lovingly in our ears.