Julie Lavery The Answer

The stars are surely enchanting, but it’s what we do right here on this rocky sphere fluctuating in the universe that really matters. Let us seize the moment and love as much as we possibly can! That is the message behind The Answer, Julie Lavery’s debut single out now.

Julie Lavery – The Answer

Like a wise country woman exhaling stoic wisdom, she gracefully weaves her voice around the melody, summoning her lover back to reality. “We’re so focused on the sky, we don’t see that you and I are the answer to everything”, asserts the woman in the chorus.

The track is extremely visual and grandiose with a definite folkish feel to it, thanks to the acoustic guitar-led melody and the majestic traditional percussion. The quasi-Celtic, country-tinged soundscape materialises the image: you are in a pristine woodland, perhaps just next to a cliff, living your romance away from society, perhaps hoping to hide from heaven’s judgement. Then comes her sweet yet austere voice and makes it clear she wants more:

“No one knows where we go after we die”, “I wanna believe in what I see”.

Let’s embrace what we have and live our love and live life as if there is nothing awaiting us beyond! After all, this might well be the case.

The sound is beautifully grounded and sober in a way that perfectly fits this powerful message, one that is sure to hit a chord with many a fearful hesitant lover… From the second chorus on, the track explodes into a full-on rock number, bringing this love to its climax!

The Answer is the first of a series of singles to be released in the next months, kick-starting Lavery’s solo career after a successful six-year run with her The Running Mates band, many of whose YouTube videos have garnered well over 100,000 views. According to the songstress, the upcoming release is to feature yet more commentary on topics ranging from religion to love and social pressure on women. If she remains this insightful, we’re all in for quite a few treats!

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Words Fernando de Oliveira Lúcio