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Jett Jenkins pays a dreamy homage to Christmas classic Silent Night

Jett Jenkins Silent Night

With Christmas just around the corner, here is Jett Jenkins with her version of Silent Night.

Texas-based indie-pop artist Jett Jenkins has just released a special vinyl edition of her debut single “City in Anger”, with the bonus track “Silent Night”. This release is inspired by the holidays and features an emotional version of this all-time classic, which happens to be one of Jenkins’ favourite Christmas songs. 

Jett Jenkins is known for her dreamy pop, where hazy instrumental layers are combined with profound, heavy lyricism, and her style doesn’t fail to be in her version of Silent Night.  

Jett Jenkins’ Silent Night rendition is a personal, moving take on this Christmas classic. From the very beginning, the tender vocals lure you into the track, immediately creating an atmosphere of introspection.

Listening to the song, you’ll feel the urge to stop what you’re doing and just concentrate on the music and connect with yourself. The beautiful vocal harmonies, that lightly hint at Billie Eilish, intensify in a crescendo, on top of a warm guitar that reminds us of the popular origins of this song.

You could think the song development is quite predictable, but you’d be wrong: halfway through Jenkin’s Silent Night, electronic sounds start to emerge in the distance, amplifying the suspended, contemplation state that’s been built so far. Intensifying through the end in a cloud of sound, they’re really a modern but beautiful touch to this classic. 

In all honesty, Jenkins’ Silent Night succeeds to be a classic in its own right, beautiful to listen to any time of the year when you need a break from the life storming outside.

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Words Anna Colombo