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Jeebo wears his heart on his sleeve in ‘Hard and Fast’

Jeebo Hard and Fast

In two minutes, Jeebo has left his heart on his sleeve and audiences wanting more. His newest single “Hard and Fast” describes the way so many people fall in love, including Jeebo himself.

A beautifully simple song, that focuses your attention on the lyrics and melodies. This song has a sweet and delicate instrumentation focused on guitar melodies, layered backing vocals that build the song while simultaneously creating a foundation for the lead vocal, and a simple cajon beat. This song is a beautiful depiction of the delicate nature of love. Jeebo’s lead vocal paints a catchy vocal melody, and his lyrics are creatively simple and impactful.

“Hard and Fast” features production by Kurisu. Jeebo talks about his song,

“It’s got a real charm to it with the story-telling being moved by the musical score”.

His previous two singles “PIZZA” and “Man Out of Me” both are in line with Jeebo’s songwriting style of being raw and honest, singing about love.

Jeebo’s goal is to write songs that are relatable to everyone who listens. He writes songs that are open and authentic, sometimes following stories that are from his personal life, but always with that underlying common feeling so that listeners are able to put themselves into his songs.

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Words Devin Renee