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Jasmine Ortiz Is ‘Never Going Home’

Jasmine Ortiz - Never Going Home

‘Never Going Home’ from Jasmine Ortiz is one of my favourite new pop songs. Not only does her music bring listeners upbeat songs that put you in a good mood, but her story inspires audiences to overcome obstacles and pursue their passions.

Jasmine Ortiz – Never Going Home

Her newest single ‘Never Going Home’ is an upbeat track about having fun and never wanting the moments to end. Jasmine Ortiz has created an anthemic track perfect for city listening, summer nights, or at-home dance parties. Her melodies and lyrics are catchy and easily singable on first listen.

This song was produced by Latin Grammy Nominee SAK NOEL (credits include Jennifer Lopez, Maroon 5, Sean Paul, and Pitbull). The production is exciting, with so many different layers interacting with each other in interesting ways. SAK NOEL masterfully created a unique atmosphere with his production.

After listening to Jasmine’s music and later discovering her story this listener is left in awe. Jasmine was born with an Esophageal Tracheal Fistula, which required her to undergo surgery shortly after birth to save her life. Her vocal cords and lungs were very fragile, to the point that she had no voice and could make no audible sounds for almost a year of her life. She began her journey with piano, exploring to find her voice in music at a very young age and later branching out to other instruments and “finding her voice” with singing.

Multi-instrumentalist, multi-lingual, Jasmine Ortiz has overcome many obstacles and created an inspiring career for herself. As she moves forward through her journey, Jasmine “hopes to inspire others impacted by a physical limitation that anything is possible when you can convince your mind that you have no limitations.

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Words Devin Renee