Jagara Draws Us ‘Into The Night’ With Her Retro Sounds

Jagara’s swirling 80s tribute to the darker side of nightlife.

Jagara – Into The Night

Did the 80s ever really leave? The discovery of that first synth machine would affect music like never before, and even decades later, artists still love to hearken back to those era-defining sounds. I’m not being dismissive, incidentally, I love some 80s synths, and Jagara is giving me everything on ‘Into The Night’.

Jagara is the artist project of London-based singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Jane alongside her producer sisters Cat and Ruth (love a musical family) and occasionally producer Damjan Blazun. They’re no newcomers, having played alongside acts such as Bastille and Nilüfer Yanya, and this latest single fully cements their new new-wave style.

“Into The Night is a heavily 80s-influenced, bombastic tune which dives into nightlife and obsession.”

‘I don’t need to lose myself’ sings Jane, only half-convincing us with her distorted, evocative vocals. The lyrics are simple, describing some longing dynamic – ‘moving back as you get closer, don’t ever stop’ – focusing more on making each line a hook, which they absolutely are.

With its fluttering synths, pulsating bass and silky minor harmonics, it’s a completely infectious beat, showing influences of everyone from Kate Bush to ABBA to Human League to the Stock-Aitken-Waterman greats.

It’s a huge wall of sound with a clear nostalgic feel, yet somehow retains a modern edge. And it’s no surprise that the track has already been picked up for a dark Netflix drama.

With a moody music video to accompany it, Jagara have a powerful identity and the hooks to back it up.

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Words Eden Tredwell