Hundredmillionthousand Gets Intimate On ‘Attention Span’

Noel Fanaeian aka Hundredmillionthousand is a Persian-Filipino composer hailing from Edmonton, Canada. His new EP Attention Span takes Electronic music to a new level of perception and intimacy.

Hundredmillionthousand – Attention Span

Consisting of 6 tracks, Attention Span looks to depict Noel’s struggles to communicate and establish connections in the highly technological, modern digital world, which according to him, has reshaped the way humans interact with one another. To achieve this, Noel sampled the sexual moments of partners who met through dating apps, aiming to mimic the cycle of online connections.

Track One features a plethora of arrangements perfectly complemented by gorgeous ethereal, harmonious vocals and minimalistic beats, melting with the piano accompaniment into a complex bombardment of pleasing sounds. By the end of this piece, the introduction of some dissonant and thunderous effects creates a feeling of discomfort.

The self-titled track Attention Span is driven by a tribal rhythm, going back and forth with a chaotic mixture of aural abundance.

In Seven, Noel collaborated with Xuan Rong, who provides the vocals for this piece, being the only track on this record that is not a purely instrumental work. The mesmerizing production has a rich texture, only topped by Xuan’s angelic voice.

Ten with its reverb voices and multi-layered auditive effects, evokes anxiety, rapidly building into a cornucopia of electronic grandiose.

Eleven makes plenty of usage of the previously mentioned sexual moments, cleverly mixed and looped, meticulously dispersed in the complex production of this song.

For Five, the final delivery of this EP, Noel chose to end things spectacularly, in a display of epic proportions, with a choir chant and melodic vocals that prevail throughout the entire duration of this song, granting this composition a heavenly aura.

Attention Span is an ambitious showcase of originality in production that takes the listeners on an aural trip without leaving the comfort of their homes.

Attention Span blurs the line between the artificial nature of electronic music and the inherent human condition always present in art in all its forms. Definitely, a clear example that there is still plenty of room for experimentation and innovation within this music genre.

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Words Javier Rodriguez