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HELAND Takes Aim for Love’s ‘Trophy’

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For their debut release, Danish duo HELAND presents Trophy, a soulful melody delving into the intricacies of relationships.

HELAND – Trophy

Originating from Denmark, HELAND is the brainchild of siblings Helena and Andreas, each bringing a unique perspective to their musical journey. Andreas boasts years of experience in the music scene under a different alias, honing his skills as an independent musician.

On the other side of the spectrum is Helena, a successful YouTuber in her native Denmark with over 70,000 subscribers. Her diverse content, ranging from sketches to fully produced mini-series, attests to her creativity and determination to leave a mark. Andreas’s recognition of Helena’s exceptional singing talent led to the inception of HELAND, bringing their collective vision to life.

For their inaugural release, the duo presents Trophy, a thematically rich track originally conceived as a social commentary on modern dating dynamics. Helena was initially disheartened by the lack of commitment and the ease with which people enter and exit relationships. However, with Andreas’s input in the studio, the composition took on a new dimension, infusing it with a captivating aura.

The composition begins with melancholic guitar passages that seamlessly complement Helena’s sweet vocals, evoking a mood that is both introspective and emotionally charged. As the melody unfolds, the production blossoms, weaving together subtle yet refined elements such as expressive backing vocals and a captivating rhythm section, further enhancing its mesmerizing allure.

“Trophy by HELAND shines as a refined pop gem, seamlessly blending heartfelt lyrics with expertly crafted production, solidifying its place as a valuable addition to any pop playlist.”

This debut showcases impeccable performance and remarkable arrangements, setting the bar high for future releases from this promising duo. Trophy stands as a testament to HELANDS’ potential, leaving listeners eagerly anticipating what they have in store next.

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Words Javier Rodriguez