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Gray Ellis Blooms With Heartfelt Ingenuity On Debut ‘Imp’

Gray Ellis Imp on the Right Chord Music Blog

Gray Ellis debut single ‘Imp’ is alternative music at its finest.

Gray Ellis – Imp

New Orleans-based artist, Gray Ellis was born in Austin and between the two cities they garnered an eclectic music taste that’s evident right from the get-go. Smooth and sultry, ‘Imp’ burns with soulful passion and its crisp, tight rhythm section is effortlessly complemented by ambient sensibilities.

Ellis’ intimate way of singing is like an old friend telling you a story at 3:00 AM and the subtility he adopts in the refrain and chorus adds an ethereal tinge to the track. After moving to Oklahoma when they were young, Ellis began singing in the youth choir as well as at local gigs. Combined with the lush instrumentation, it makes for an inventive soundscape, full of spark and innovation. There’s a quaint 80’s twinge sugarcoating the bass and hi-hats which is just brilliant. Contrasting the modern production, ‘Imp’ paints an immersive picture that reels you in with ease.

While the influences come from an array of different sounds, such as Dave Brubeck and Mac Miller, Ellis has defined a wholly unique aura that breathes new life into alternative pop. This song has a pulse. It blooms with heartfelt ingenuity. Ellis attacks the personal topics with an intensity that’s both impressive and addictive. Right away its evident this is an artist with purpose and character, ready to be cemented in the genre.

Powerful in structure and essence, the lyricism is also top-notch and empowering with its self-acceptance. This is an artist who knows exactly who they are and what they are capable of – ‘Imp’ is no different. Enveloped by a sensual atmosphere, there’s something here that’s impossible to find elsewhere, a palpable uniqueness in vibe and form. It does what every brilliant debut single does – leave you desperate for me.

Layered musically and sonically, ‘Imp’ is a seductive debut single, full of rich lyricism and instrumentation. just aching with purpose.

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Words Ciarán Coleman