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grapevine. Returns With ‘Cross Your Mind’

grapevine. Cross Your Mind on Right Chord Music

Discover grapevine.‘s synthy night-drive kiss-off.

grapevine. ‘Cross Your Mind’

‘It’s always a case of selective memory’ muses grapevine. on ‘Cross Your Mind’. And when it comes to disagreements – particularly breakups – it’s true that we don’t always remember everything, but perhaps that’s a blessing in disguise. Sometimes you just need a good ‘you were wrong’ song and grapevine. is here to deliver with his sophomore single.

grapevine. is the project of Will Clucas, who’s taking a turn from his previous indie rock sound into something more pop and retro. This is his second grapevine. single, the first having received plays from BBC Introducing.

“Cross Your Mind is a driving mid-tempo synth-pop track with plenty of kiss-off lines.”

Clucas’ lyrics are sharp and sassy, addressing an unseen enemy with lines like ‘just tell me I’m wrong since you love doing that’ and ‘It’s not secret, I guess I’ll be blunt’. There’s nice detail with lines like ‘all that I say can be misconstrued…test me like one of your games’ though some more gritty info on the story would be appreciated. The melodies are strong and well-crafted, particularly the ‘did it cross your mind’ tag hook, and it’s all delivered with Clucas’ confident, gutsy lead vocals. 

The production combines shimmering synths, energetic beats and pumping basslines, topped off by an attitude-laden guitar which gets some riffy moments, and plenty of hooks in the arrangement. Fans of both classic and retro acts like Eurythmics and The Weeknd should find something to enjoy here, and look out for upcoming releases from grapevine.

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Words Eden Tredwell