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#FSOL 9. Spring Offensive: Worry Fill My Heart

Spring Offensive have been charming us for a while now with their rich harmonies, pounding rhythms and imaginative live performances. With the release of new single Worry Fill My Heart, it’s fair to say they’ve won our hearts.  This is the first signs of love. (FSOL No. 9)

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bt-zNr538_g&w=853&h=480]

This is a song for the times we live in and as the battered budget case closed on another round of belt tightening,  the lyrics of Worry Fill My Heart seem to ring out oh too loudly. “All I need… is just a couple of hundred – It should keep me for a few weeks…I’m like a child to be asking. How’d I end up in a job like this? Maybe tomorrow, I’ll go ahead and quit it!”

The single has already been playlisted on Amazing Radio and follows their recent online buzz from it’s b-side ‘Carrier‘, and their sell-out Oxford show at Modern Art Oxford. Catch them live across the UK before their embark on a European tour.

29.03     Electricity Showrooms, London

30.03     The Green Door Store, Brighton

31.03     Secret Location, Oxford

01.04     The Castle Hotel, Manchester

02.04     SOYO, Sheffield

03.04     The Head of Steam, Newcastle

04.04     The Shipping Forecast, Liverpool

05.04     Gwdihw, Cardiff

09.04     Musikbunker, Aachen

10.04     Schon Schön, Mainz

11.04    MUZ, Nurnberg

12.04     Häll, Heidelberg

13.04     Parterre, Basel