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#FSOL 16. The Robbie Boyd Band ‘I Wont Let You Go’

As much as you may dislike him, if you hear that Simon Cowell likes something – you are interested.  Not only have The Robbie Boyd Band have received praise from the man himself but support in force has come from the likes of 6 Music and Radio 2. Intrigued? So were we!

I Won’t Let You Go is a feel good track if we ever heard one, and songs which make us feel happy and joyous mean only one thing…the first signs of love! [#FSOL] A cheery, bouncy, jolly  (I’m running out of adjectives, but you get the idea) song from a band which seem to genuinely love making music and love each other is a very refreshing and welcoming sight.

The video is cheeky, fun and impossible to watch without grinning. The track showcases the bands individuality, with harmonies and a wide variety of instruments to keep the upbeat and catchy rhythm.  Their mischievous and folk pop sound is utterly contagious.  The charming Robbie and his band will be playing on the 6th of May at Bristol Folk Festival or if that’s too far away, check out the video below. Ellie Witt