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Floss Jordan Experiences ‘Turbulence’

Floss Jordan Turbulence review on Right Chord Music Blog

Floss Jordan, a London-based artist, unveils her latest emotionally charged single, Turbulence.

Floss Jordan – Turbulence

Floss Jordan stands as a multidimensional talent with a background encompassing modelling, DJing, and the artistry of songwriting. Collaborating with luminaries such as Charlie XCX, Basement Jaxx, Years & Years, and Jack Whitehall underscores her status as a versatile creative force.

Floss Jordan’s musical repertoire, already boasting thousands of streams, attests to her undeniable talent. Her seamless collaboration with various artists is a reflection of the rich tapestry woven into her musical creations.

What truly sets Floss apart is her unique gift for translating raw human emotions into captivating songwriting. Turbulence serves as a poignant example, delving into the intricacies of relationships where one craves tranquillity while the other thrives on volatility. The clash of emotions portrayed in this composition adds a rare depth and sensitivity to the narrative, creating a relatable and immersive experience for listeners.

The musical composition itself unfolds as a cinematic score, anchored by solemn piano passages and Floss Jordan’s raw vocals. Gradually, the piece evolves with orchestral elements and haunting background vocals, skillfully crafting a beautifully eerie sense of turbulence. This symphony encapsulates the emotional rollercoaster inherent in relationships, offering listeners a sonic journey through the complexities of love and connection.

Turbulence emerges as an emotionally soaked composition, propelled by Floss Jordan’s epic performance and heavenly production.

Whether it’s the striking lyrics or the ambitious musical arrangement, Floss expertly captures and maintains attention. This song further solidifies her position as a promising figure in London’s indie landscape, leaving an indelible mark on listeners with its powerful storytelling and atmospheric soundscapes.

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Words Javier Rodriguez