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First Signs of Love No. 149 Sakima


This feature is about music which moves us, shakes us, and truly commands our attention. We call this the First Signs of Love, and ‘Kiss Me’ by London based SAKIMA is exactly one of those moments.

His début release, “Energy”, was co-produced by Jakwob and released on the producer’s own label, Boom Ting Records. “Energy” was named Zane Lowes ‘Next Hype’ on BBC Radio 1 and the world took notice.

Now SAKIMA returns, having already collaborated with many esteemed producers such as Ryan Hemsworth, Cyril Hahn and OBESØN, SAKIMA is now pushing the boundaries of his own creativity by embarking on a new audio-visual project and self-releasing three tracks with accompanying visuals. The first of the trio to be released will be, “Kiss me”.

Kiss Me captures human fragility, vulnerability and pent up frustration. It feels extremely personal, like someone has broken into you head and stolen your most intimate of thoughts. “I’m a bit broken, but I know how to beg for something that I really, really need and that’s you.” It’s an out-pouring of powerful emotional honesty and it’s breathtakingly affecting. The cut through vocals are set against a bed of sparse and minimal electro beats that almost feel designed to do nothing more that feel in the gaps around the words. This is beautiful, and we can’t wait to hear singles two and three.