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First Signs of Love No 132. Mullally

This week’s First Signs Of Love is Mullally ‘Regret It Straight Away’ and like all the great tracks we’ve included in this feature, one play is not enough.

Get ready to hit the repeat button, and then head over to his BandCamp to chuck money at him (it’s available for pay what you want).

Introducing Mullally

Mullally is 18-year-old soul/pop/reggae singer Connor Mullally, and incredibly he’s only officially been making music for three months. His début, original release is the mighty ‘Regret It Straight Away’  it’s a belter that delivers epic soaring, layered vocals and ambitious soul-pop scale with consummate ease. Are you listening John Newman? Mullally is coming for you.  If you are hungry for more we recommend checking out his Soundcloud page where you can find his covers of Sam Smith and George Ezra tracks.

Listen out for Mullally on tomorrow’s Lost On Radio (Episode 111).